Community Coalition Outlines Vision For City Budget After In-Depth Consultation Across Toronto

A new report finds the City is not keeping up with critical services like transit, housing, care for the homeless, and childcare as the city continues to struggle as Canada’s child poverty capital.

Released by Commitment TO Community, the report and vision document summarizes key findings from across 40 consultation events with hundreds of residents, and includes a list of priorities for the upcoming City Budget:

  • Investing in more affordable housing
  • Increasing the number of homeless shelters in the City
  • Increasing childcare spaces
  • Lowering TTC costs
  • Increasing employment opportunities

The report also emphasized the need for Council to live up to the commitments that they have already made, but not funded, like the City’s own poverty reduction strategy: “People are counting on City Hall to address these issues”, the report details “but they are not seeing things turn around. There is a need for Mayor and Council to restore our confidence and regain the trust of Toronto residents”. 

The vision document was presented to City Council’s Executive Committee on November 28, 2017.

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